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welcome wagon

June 12, 2012

If you aren’t familiar with the Welcome Wagon, Reverend Thomas Vito Aiuto and his wife Monique comprise the Brooklyn-based gospel duo. Vito is the pastor of Resurrection Presbyterian Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Their hymns are inspiritingly simple and harken to an americana that sometimes seems long forgotten. Both of their LP’s can be found on our “Albums We Dig” page, but go pick up a copy of their new record Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices today! You can also read an interview with Vito here. If you’re interested in downloading any of the lead sheets for the new album, our friends from Cardiphonia have some great resources for the album here. Enjoy!



this week in worship

June 7, 2012

Dr. Scott Dudley will be speaking on Acts 4:1-13, being fools for Christ.

Song Set

All Creatures of our God and King


Holy Spirit

At Your Name (Forever)

Rock of Ages (When the Day Seems Long)

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Light Will Shine

delta heavy

June 6, 2012

must watch, enjoy.

only you can satisfy

May 24, 2012

This week, we will be playing “Only You Can Satisfy” by Caleb Clements. I was really taken by this song when I first heard it at ROCKHARBOR in Orange County, CA. Caleb was leading worship, and the song had a depth of simplicity that really spoke to me. To satisfy is an interesting thing. Nowadays, we often are less concerned with being satisfied and more concerned with being comfortable or full or happy. As we sing this song in worship this weekend, I pray that we release the things that we believe will make us happy, full, or comfortable to God who is the only one who can satisfy.

You can check out the song here:

See you Sunday!

hymn sing

December 15, 2011

So last night we had an all church Christmas Carol hymn sing in the sanctuary. Quite frankly it was amazing. The whole body of the church was represented and we just sang together in worship. It was simple, fun, and felt like a family sitting together with the Holy Spirit gently resting on us all. If you missed it, there is always next year.

what is so scary about free grace? and is it really free?

November 2, 2011

I just finished a book that I recommend called “The Prodigal God” by Tim Keller, and something that rally grabbed me (actually there was a ton that grabbed me but I want to highlight this.) On page 120-121 he tells a story about a woman at his church that learned that we are accepted by God by grace alone, nothing we have done or can do can earn it. Her response was “That is a scary idea! Oh, its good scary, but still scary.” When questioned why or how it was scary her response was:

If I was saved by my good works-then there would be a limit to what God could ask of me or put me through. I would be like a taxpayer with rights. I would have done my duty and now I would deserve a certain quality of life. But if it is really true that I am a sinner saved by sheer grace-at God’s infinite cost-then there’s nothing he can’t ask of me.

Grace is not free, instead, it has an infinite cost that has already been paid in full.

can you fly

November 2, 2011

I saw this on my friend’s site and had to share it.