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see what radiohead sees

March 28, 2011

As Christians and especially as church leaders, we would be wise to notice this cultural numbness, and the rage that hides underneath it. With the release of ‘The King of Limbs’, Radiohead released a music video to the song “Lotus Flower.” In it, Thom Yorke goes from semi-stoic dead-pan singing, staring into the camera lens to spastic, maddened dancing. It’s another of their brilliant contrasts—the still exterior and the explosive emotion below the surface.

If we allow ourselves to notice what Radiohead notices, we’ll see that behind the grinning faces on Facebook, the cheery updates on Twitter, the Sunday smiles, and the happy coworkers are human souls who feel cramped by the world around them, hemmed in by technology and noise, and desperate for someone to set them free.

– Mike Cosper (via GC)

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